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About me 

Ciao and hello, I am Nina. 

Welcome to my food, style and sunshine addicted world!

Born and raised in Germany, my wish to explore the world pretty quickly after my A-levels lead me to move abroad to London, followed by the Netherlands, Qatar and then back to London again. It turned out there were still plenty of exciting things waiting around the corner and new memories to be made!


Throughout all of these years, no matter what I did, or where I was, I always enjoyed finding and creating beauty, whether that being in an outfit, decorating my home, creating a delicious dish, taking pictures or exploring the world. Living abroad and (life in general ) comes with its ups and downs, but I believe we all have the ability to lift ourselves up by finding beauty in all aspects of life - no matter how big or small they may be. I hope I can insipire you with some of my posts to do the same, life is too short to be miserable. 

Sunshine addicted and living in London? A fair question you may ask. In all honesty, when the sun decides to grace us in all its glory, London is an amazing place to be. More importantly, no matter the weather, there are always a million things to explore in this vibrant melting pot of cultures that I am certainly not yet tired of. I cannot think of any other place that offers you the same variety of things to do in miserable weather.

An instant mood changer is definetly food and I am a foodie throughout. Hopefully you will enjoy my recipes from all over the world no matter where you are. A lot of my favourite dishes have a strong mediterranean influence but I am not limiting my blog repertoire solely to it. I love Sophia Loren's famous quote "Everything you see, I owe to Spaghetti" as first and foremost, food should be delicious, conveying dreams, emotions and memories. 


You will not only get food, fashion and travel related content here, but also a lot of interior related posts - a huge passion of mine. In this context I hope I can also inspire you to give DIY a go - often you can achieve great impacts with little investment and effort. Especially when it comes to expat living - too many times I have seen expats settling for temporary solutions and then went on living there for years without feeling remotely like this is a home. After all, a home should be your sanctuary, a place for you to unwind and relax, to re-charge your batteries, no matter how long you are planning to stay. Often this can be achieved with minimum effort but maximum effect on your wellbeing.

Speaking of, I will also share a bit of my journey to improving my health and I am excited to share experiences that might help you achieving your goals.

Enough said, I hope you will enjoy exploring my world and I'd love to hear from you - don't be shy to engage, lets all live a Dolce Vita!


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