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How to clean candle jars without a mess

How satisfying are DIYs? Especially if quick and easy without having to purchase specific tools.

Ever wondered what's the best way to remove wax from all these beautiful candle jars that they come in? After having tried a few options, I must say the winner (by far!) is simply boiled water from a kettle. Most articles/blogs suggest to let the jar sit in water until the wax is soft, then moving on to butterknives and what not...so much mess! Other options include putting the candle into your freezer, or a cooking pan which also may damage the beautiful jar.

Follow the below easy steps to clean them perfectly without risk, mess and effort! You can recycle them as pencil holders, using fresh wax to create a new candle, a new home for all these make up brushes you own, or even for small house plants or vases for fresh flowers.

Step 1 - Boil water and pour it into the candle

Step 2 - Watch the wax as it melts and floats to the surface in small bubbles

Step 3 - Wait for the wax thats now at the surface to cool down (this may take a few hours)

Step 4 - Remove the now solid wax from the surface

Step 5 - If necessary repeat Step 4 until all wax is removed

Step 6 - Remove the wick holder - if neccessary with a knife or any other sharp tool

Step 7 - Simply wash the jar with water and soap (warm water is more effective)

Step 8 - Give your recycled jar a new life in your home

Tipps: In case your jar is not straight, but more narrow on top or in the middle like an hourglass, make sure to fill the water up to the widest point of the jar to be able to remove the solid wax easily and to be most effective.

Don't be afraid of any grime - your jar is not ruined forever, washing up liquid/soap will easily remove any residue.

Hope this will help! You'll find these re-used jars literally in every room of my home, from displaying my favourite spices to plants. To be honest I did not even like the scent of the candles which are now used for my spices, I solely bought them for the purpose of using them in the kitchen!

Below I have linked some scented candles for you, which would be excellent for use after they are burnt down. My favourite is the Woodwick scented candle, I use the glass for my cotton pads and as small flower vases and I love the shape!

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